Petition for Better Care

Providing high-quality, universal, public health care is crucial for a fair and thriving Ontario.

Yet our health care in Ontario is at risk.

Years of hospital underfunding have resulted in cuts to registered nurses (RNs) and negative impacts on patient care. Since the beginning of 2015, Ontario has lost more than 1,500 RN positions due to cuts. That's three RN positions cut each and every day. Procedures are being moved from hospitals and offloaded into private clinics that are not accountable under provincial legislation. Funded services are being cut from hospitals and are not being provided in the community.

Cutting skilled nursing care means patients suffer more complications, readmissions and death, costing the system and all of us more. For every extra patient added to the average workload of a registered nurse, the risk of patient complications and death increases by seven per cent.

It doesn't make sense. We shouldn't be trying to balance the books at the expense of the health of the people of Ontario.

We call on the Government of Ontario to

  • Implement a moratorium on RN cuts.
  • Commit to restoring hospital base operating funding to at least cover the costs of inflation and population growth.
  • Create a fully-funded multi-year health human resources plan to bring Ontario's ratio of registered nurses to population up to the national average.
  • Ensure hospitals have enough resources to continue providing safe, quality and integrated care for clinical procedures and stop plans for moving such procedures into private, unaccountable clinics.

Our Goal is: 25,000 signatures

Will you sign?

or Text NURSESKNOW to +16479335355 to sign

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