After 29 years of service

I am a veteran nurse of almost 29 years. Of those years, I have spent 23 in emergency care. The current cutbacks are stretching resources and necessitating makeshift "crisis" nursing care strategies.

In this context, I feel less and less like I am able to finish my workday feeling I have done my job well. I have been upset at the end of numerous shifts about the care I have been able to provide due to dangerous stretching of both staffing and physical resources for our patients. 

I can honestly say that more then half dozen times I have left work feeling I had not provided the nursing care my patients deserve, and that brings me satisfaction in my job.

I am truly tired of apologizing to patients for wait times, for lying in hallways, for delays in receiving inpatient beds.

These issues are out of my control, things I can’t change with the exception of speaking up and voicing concern. In the face of even more nursing cuts, and the implementation of less skilled employees in a very dynamic, unpredictable and often volatile work environment…I am fearful. Fearful for myself, my colleagues and mostly my patients.

Our population is growing older, more unstable and sicker. I encourage everyone to write to their Members of Provincial Parliament, and the management of your local hospitals, and have your voice heard.