An RN's compassion can't be replaced

My father was recently admitted to hospital. He had lung cancer, which spread to his spine. Needless to say, he had a great deal of pain and stress. He was in hospital for 3.5 weeks before passing away.

I can’t say enough about how kind and gracious and highly skilled the RNs were. Our family spent many hours at his bedside and we came to know and care for them. 

When he took is final breath, it was a nurse who was at his bedside and held his hand. This brought a tremendous amount of peace to my family, as we felt guilty that none of us had been there. They attended to his every need and were always professional and explained everything to us. What was even more incredible was that two of his nurses attended his funeral.

I am a working RN and know of the struggles that RNs have in the workplace. Every patient deserves the same care and respect that my father received.

I am only too aware of what is at risk as we continue to cut RN positions and replace them with lesser skilled and trained care providers.