Doing more with less

As a seasoned nurse, I have had the opportunity to work in various hospital settings. Over the years, nurses have been asked to do more with less.

The most recent cuts will further reduce registered nursing hours and put the patients at risk by replacing highly skilled, experienced nurses with alternative caregivers. Although there is definitely a place for all health care workers in the system, it should not be at the cost of patient safety and outcomes. Most hospitalized patients are not “stable,” that is why they are in hospital.

Getting rid of the staff who have the most experience and education to treat unstable patients is not what Ontarians' want when they are ill.

Please stand up for your rights as a patient and support your RNs in their fight to provide you with the best health care possible. If you believe that this will not impact you or your family, think again. When you need the care you expect & it is not available because of these drastic cutbacks, it will be too late to complain.

We need to let the government know that we will not stand for the decimation of our health care system.