Don't replace RNs with RPNs

I was diagnosed with a serious illness and spent time in the hospital. It was the nursing staff that took care of me 24 hours a day. They provided the mental, physical and medical treatments to make me stronger. 

Sure there were doctors overseeing all activities, but the nurses are there – responsible for your care. They are the friendly face that you see when you need one. They are the ones cleaning you or feeding you when you can’t.

They are the ones who are there when you need them.

I am abhorred to learn that hospitals are replacing RNs with RPNs to cut costs. It may make sense in some areas, but I don’t believe it is a viable long-term solution. Channel some of the high wages politicians are making to support health care as needed.

Our health care (pharmaceutical, practitioners, nursing, hospitals, and so on) is constantly being whittled away. I’m concerned. Nurses don’t get the recognition they deserve, even when people are in the hospital and rely on their help.