Home care is suffering under our current government

My husband died two months ago due to lung cancer. He was pushed out the door when he should have been in the hospital. I am a 77-year-old senior and I had to take care of him mostly at home where his bowels would lose control.

Sure, during the day a health care worker came in to bathe him, but I was left to do the rest. Two nurses came by daily to clean out the pick line, but then I was told I would need to give him his injections as the government was not going to keep paying them to do so twice a day.

This is pretty crappy help from a government who doesn’t give a hoot about our nurses or sick patients. Yes, two nurses were paid to take hit vitals twice a day, but I was up all night, every night, with no sleep night or day until my body couldn’t take it anymore and I then had to go to emergency for care. After that, the doctors decided it was enough. He was admitted and died the next day.

I can’t blame the nurses, who are overworked and underpaid. The patients suffer from lack of care, and the nurses suffer from lack of staff.

We are all an unhappy with no recourse, and isn’t it a failure of the greatest magnitude that our government will not help us?