I had complications because of squeezed resources

A few months ago I had serious surgery.  Waiting for pain medication or assistance for the washroom was very difficult and with time delays due to staff shortage. They insisted I had to get out of bed two days after my surgery, which my surgeon was very upset about. I developed complications on the second day after my initial surgery and felt the cause was due to me getting up to soon.

After undergoing a second emergency surgery my surgeon said I would be in the hospital for at least another two weeks. The next day after lunch I was told that I was being released that day. When I inquired as to why they said they needed the bed and staffing issues played a role in the decision. Two days after getting home I developed an infection on my incision.

I feel decisions are being made in haste because of all the staffing cuts being made by the government. They keep blaming every body else for this but unfortunately patients are paying the price.

I could write an extensive letter about my experiences before and after this surgery. After waiting four years to finally get the surgery I was very disappointed in the end results due to staffing issues and now I’m being told I may yet require a third surgery. If I’m told that it is a necessity I’m not sure I would do it under these circumstances.

I hope nurses and the medical world in Ontario are successful in persuading the government to make health care and senior care their top priority. Enough is enough.