Inadequate care for seniors

My 99 year-old mother-in-law fell at her long-term care home and broke her hip early on a Friday morning. She went to hospital by ambulance and the doctor recommended surgery. She kept getting bumped on the waitlist for surgery all weekend. All of this time her meds were held and she was not given much to eat because of the possibility of surgery. The lack of meds caused a lot of problems, she had to be restrained, pulled out tubes, lost significant blood,  and was very confused. The surgery finally took place Monday afternoon due to a unexpected break in schedule. 

By Thursday staff started talking about discharging her. She had not been out of bed, and not used the bathroom yet but we were told her hip was fixed and she had to go back to her long-term care home. We tried to discuss and advise she would not get sufficient care in the shape she was in but on Friday she was sent back at dinner time. This was a very difficult time for staff, who were busy with residents, and they had little notice of her return. It was too late to get meds, and no paper work from hospital came with her.

The next few weeks were very difficult for her, the staff, family. This is not the standard of care that we should expect for our loved ones.