Our system is overstretched

It has taken a year to find out the results of a health concern I was facing.

Our health care system it so over expended that it takes months to get in to see specialists, only for a couple of minutes of their time. I found out it was quicker for me to make my own appointments and be my own champion then rely on the process. This is foreign to me and I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. It was very scary and frustrating not knowing anything for six months.

When a previous health concern I had, it was maybe two weeks from the diagnosis to the procedure. Now, I’ve been waiting for a call from the same doctor for three months. I asked for the phone number so I could call and get an idea how long I would have to wait for this. The person who answered sounded so overwhelmed they were actually quite rude to me. This is a product of all the cutbacks. People are so overstretched they must be at the breaking point. When I read that there are going to be more layoffs I honestly could not believe it. 

The cuts are definitely way too deep. There is a lot of work required to even come close to what is needed now. The cut backs have to stop and rebuilding needs to begin. Canadians are fed up and embarrassed by our health care system where we were once bragging and very proud we had the best health care in the world. 

With the exception of one person, everyone has been fantastic in helping me and I don’t understand how they get through their days. This is what I’ve gone through in just one year. I hear some horrible stories about cuts...I just cant believe they are getting away with it.