Wrong on every level

Years ago, me and many of the people I went to school with could only find part time work as an RN or no job at all. We had people hounding us to pay our school loans, we could not support our families and we were forced to leave the country to find work.

I have lived far away from my family for years in order to have work. I paid off my school loans in one year, paid off my vehicle, paid for my son’s university education and bought a home – everything that I should have been able to do in Canada. 

I have kept abreast of the nursing situation and defended Canada’s public system. It gets difficult when the government continues to cut and cut. Where are the laid off nurses going to go? What are they to do? Most of all, what about the patients? If nurses leave the country then you have no nursing care for your patients. It’s unacceptable and wrong on every level.